Ocean Park

Ocean Park Ltd.
another sister concern of Ocean Group at Kuakata. It is one of the rarest place which has the unique beauty of offering the full view of the rising and setting of crimson sun in the water of the Bay of Bengal. We have planned to build a 3 Star Studio Apartment at Kuakata …

Ocean Dance River

Dance River is the dream city which is treated as exclusive one. It’s proposed under the DUPLEX, TRIPLEX and FOURTHLEX. Each of these are includes a swimming pull, a garden & every of sea beach facing. It’s located 16 Km southern part from the zero point of Inani beach. A 30 feet wide LGED road …

Ocean Sunrise

Sun Rise project is the smallest one and having 24.5 acres land with both Residential and Commercial area. Project started at 7 km from zero point and closer distance from the sea beach. This place is going to be
 a most important tourist spot in Bangladesh for its geographical location. This project also has the opportunity …

Gandharia City

In the backdrop of the massive success of our land project in Kuakata and Cox’s Bazar, new project was subsequently launched in quick succession.

After Kuakata and Cox’s Bazar we have just started to initiate our projects in Dhaka with the name of Gandharia City & Gandharia Palli.

Bolierpur is a suburban area near Dhaka, the capital …

Ocean Jumeriah

Jumeriah is another most good looking project of Ocean Earth. It’s situated of the bank of a cannel which is started from Bay of Bengal to the area of shilkhali. A blowing Branched camel is also makes
the project glorious. It is 8 km. far from the Inani Zero point to southern part also 5 km …

Ocean Blue Mountain

The first & nearest project from the Inani zero point is ocean Blue Mountain. It’s located 3 km southern part from the zero pint of Inani beaches. Inani zero point of Cox’s Bazar. The area of the project is 49.6 Acres. Length of the project is 3728 ft is North-South face and
Breath of the …

Ocean Angel

The Ocean City Ltd. has so far been involved in the second largest project Ocean Angel. It has 100 acres land with both Residential and Commercial area. Project started at 12 km from zero point and closer distance from the sea beach. This place is gong to be
a most important tourist spot in Bangladesh …

Ocean View

Ocean view is one of the largest projects of Ocean City Limited. This project included 15000 decimal area of land with both Residential and Commercial plots along with 190 ft. front side highway, 80 ft. inside road and 700 ft. wide road from this project to sea beach. Project started at 1.74 km from zero …

Ocean Group Ltd.

We hadn’t any intention to do business rather to serve the nation. With the aim of service to the nation, we found that Bangladesh as country like natural heaven is full of potentialities abounds in perennial natural resources coupled with sizable amount of manpower. It is a tiny land on the map of the world but its striking backdrop and pretty beauty is really amazing. This beauty can quench the thrust of tourists and can attract them toward our country. More over, utilizing this beauty we can earn more foreign currency as well as we can reach the heart of the tourist. But Problem is that we haven’t proper infrastructure and accommodation facilities for them. So, for the better utilization of these natural resources and to introduce our country as glorious tourist friendly to rest of the world, OCEAN GROUP has been originated.

Management Theme

Our objectives are to build modern tourist village with the infusion of latest technologies. We also ensure classy facilities and comfort keeping in
mind the needs of our valued clients in order to make their living comfortable with environment friendly atmosphere. We love to adopt new technology and innovation in this field. The main objective of our Group is to serve its high regard clients with commitment and effortlessly up to their satisfaction. The idea behind corporate Social Responsibility is to create a framework which encourages responsible behavior by businesses and Ocean Group intends to adhere to this ideology. We would like to keep social progress, protection of the environment and careful use of natural resources in mind when determining our business objectives, so that a superior standard of living is ensured for present and future generations.

We encourage our company members to spend some portion of their time to develop creativity, leadership and planning ability. We believe that every individual is a pillar of our organization. We endeavor to set up an environment in which company members are recognized through exact assessment of achievements.

The Ocean Group is not like an ordinary real estate Group of companies. After selling plots we welcome our valuable customers to start their construction.
Even if they have needed any financial support we will try to solve this. And finally we want to take the responsibility of rental system. We have a
particular focus on tourist village where tourists will get living environments and pleasant surroundings with recreational and shopping facilities. A tourist can know about on this tourist village through our enrich website with all information included house rental fee, offered facilities etc. We also offer the online booking system through our website.

Our Vision, Mission and Belief

Our Vision…

  • To provide the highest quality and value to each and every client.
  • To be one of the largest Real State company in Bangladesh.

Our Mission…

  • Through excellent and effective service, we will meet out customers’ expectations. They will see us as a leader in the industry and trusted partner.
  • We will provide standard job for the young, educated, and spirited people and earn huge amount of foreign currency to contribute in national economy.  

Our Belief…

  • Knowledge is better then education and imagination is far better than knowledge. Our imagination constantly pokes our mind not to do the thing in a way we did earlier.

Terms & Conditions

  • Customer should be obey the rules & regulations, terms & conditions of Ocean Group/ Govt. of peoples republic of Bangladesh.
  • All payments should be made by cheque / Draft, Pay order in favor of Ocean Group. Cash transaction must be made of the accounts department of Ocean Groups authorized office.
  • As per sales agreement monthly installment should be paid/ deposited with in 15th of the month. Other wise, 2.5% of installment should be charged as late fine. If subsequently 4(four) installments are failed or missed, the said agreement will be canceled automatically.
  • Customer can apply to start construction by 80% payment of total plot price.
  • After hand over the plot, the said customer should build structure within two years from the date of possession. Design & structure must be chosen from 40 designs supplied by Ocean Group.
  • Customer can apply to take plot registration after completion of all payment.
  • Customer can not cancel the said agreement before 6 (six) months from agreement date. After that the Service charge 2000 taka will be charged per decimal and the refund will be made by four installments.
  • If necessary design of the project needs improvement the company will have the sole authority to amend the design.
  • If company can not hand over the plot in due time because of the national calamity, political disturbance etc. customer should comply that situational excuse.
  • Company will help to construct all surroundings facilities but customer will have to pay for all their internal connections as well as own boundary wall for their plot. Only. Registration fees and others will be paid by customer.
  • Before the plot registration the customer should give photocopy of TIN certificate.
  • Incase of accidentally deformity of the client, Company will bear 70% cost of the plot. If the clients die ( as per insurance rule), company will bear 100% cost of the plot.
  • Company has the right to cancel, change or modify this terms of condition. In that case company can justify customers opinion.

Company Profile

  • Our Strength

Our basic strength is our ability to learn from what we go through- social and economical environment, we live in Besides this,

  1. International Affiliation

One of the major setbacks of the local Real State companies trying to participate in the global market place is the Real State Sector. In this regard, Ocean Group has been visionary enough to look for the right partners and been successful to establish long term contacts with the foreign companies. The company has the considerable strength for having partner in USA, India, and Malaysia and some other first world country who are responsible for creating new business idea, expanding business opportunities, and providing consultancy to us in light of global perspective.

  1. Technology

In the business that related to IT, availability and access to technology is a crucial element to obtain and sustain operational efficiency Ocean Group carries the potential work force to get that sustainability. Ocean Group is equipped with all sorts of latest and sophisticated technology such as high speed dedicated broadband connection, established website, available computers with local area Network, Printers, and scanners, Gateway, available telephone connections, uninterrupted electricity supply, and server.

 Operational Efficiency

Ocean Group with its continuous effort and trial for months has achieved the efficiency to run the hi-tech operations. To instill the philosophy of optimum efficiency, the company thrives to set up an environment free of layers of bureaucracy, equipped with transparent operations, creativity and continuous process improvement. For this, it is having a very flexible operation area with high team moral, motivational level and drive for personal/professional development.

  • Our Human Capital

Our staffs are well trained, motivated, skilled world class staff and state of art technology to provide the best customer service for our clients. Ocean Group offers a highly educated, competent workforce that is scaled to cater the need of the customers. The customer service teams provide exclusive service round the clock. To benefit the customers, it maintains a commitment to international standard and values by our company.

  • Quality Assurance

Total Quality Management or TQM is a set of management practices throughout the organization, geared to ensure the organization consistently meets or exceeds customer requirements. TQM places strong focus on process measurement and controls as means of continuous improvement. We think if we maintain our service quality, it will improve efficiency of our valued customers. Our benefited customers will bring more customers for us which will ultimately bring growth for Ocean Group. 

Gandharia City Plots Price List

Gandharia City, Dhaka
Installment Period : 5 Years
Price/Katha Katha Total Price Booking Amount Down Payment (15%) Due Amount Monthly Installment
12,50,000 10 1,25,00,00 50,000 1,24,50,000 18,67,500 1,05,82,500 1,76,375
12,50,000 5 62,50,000 50,000 62,00,000 9,30,000 52,70,000 87,833
12,50,000 4 50,00,000 50,000 49,50,000 7,42,500 42,07,500 70,125
12,50,000 3 37,50,000 50,000 37,00,000 5,55,000 31,45,000 52,416
Price/Katha Katha Total Price Booking Amount Down Payment (15%) Due Amount Monthly Installment
10,50,000 10 1,05,00,00 50,000 1,04,50,000 15,67,500 88,82,500 1,48,041
10,50,000 5 52,50,000 50,000 52,00,000 7,80,000 44,20,000 73,666
10,50,000 4 42,00,000 50,000 41,50,000 6,22,500 35,27,500 58,791
10,50,000 3 31,50,000 50,000 31,00,000 4,65,000 26,35,000 43,916
10,50,000 2.5 26,25,000 50,000 25,75,000 3,86,250 21,88,750 36,479
Price/Katha Katha Total Price Booking Amount Down Payment (15%) Due Amount Monthly Installment
9,00,000 10 90,00,000 50,000 89,50,000 13,42,500 76,07,500 1,36,791
9,00,000 5 45,00,000 50,000 44,50,000 6,67,500 37,82,500 63,041
9,00,000 4 36,00,000 50,000 35,50,000 5,32,500 30,17,500 50,291
9,00,000 3 27,00,000 50,000 26,50,000 3,97,500 22,52,500 37,541
9,00,000 2.5 22,50,000 50,000 22,00,000 3,30,000 18,70,000 31,166