Ocean Park

Ocean Park Ltd.
another sister concern of Ocean Group at Kuakata. It is one of the rarest place which has the unique beauty of offering the full view of the rising and setting of crimson sun in the water of the Bay of Bengal. We have planned to build a 3 Star Studio Apartment at Kuakata …

Ocean Dance River

Dance River is the dream city which is treated as exclusive one. It’s proposed under the DUPLEX, TRIPLEX and FOURTHLEX. Each of these are includes a swimming pull, a garden & every of sea beach facing. It’s located 16 Km southern part from the zero point of Inani beach. A 30 feet wide LGED road …

Ocean Sunrise

Sun Rise project is the smallest one and having 24.5 acres land with both Residential and Commercial area. Project started at 7 km from zero point and closer distance from the sea beach. This place is going to be
 a most important tourist spot in Bangladesh for its geographical location. This project also has the opportunity …

Gandharia City

In the backdrop of the massive success of our land project in Kuakata and Cox’s Bazar, new project was subsequently launched in quick succession.

After Kuakata and Cox’s Bazar we have just started to initiate our projects in Dhaka with the name of Gandharia City & Gandharia Palli.

Bolierpur is a suburban area near Dhaka, the capital …

Ocean Jumeriah

Jumeriah is another most good looking project of Ocean Earth. It’s situated of the bank of a cannel which is started from Bay of Bengal to the area of shilkhali. A blowing Branched camel is also makes
the project glorious. It is 8 km. far from the Inani Zero point to southern part also 5 km …

Ocean Blue Mountain

The first & nearest project from the Inani zero point is ocean Blue Mountain. It’s located 3 km southern part from the zero pint of Inani beaches. Inani zero point of Cox’s Bazar. The area of the project is 49.6 Acres. Length of the project is 3728 ft is North-South face and
Breath of the …

Ocean Angel

The Ocean City Ltd. has so far been involved in the second largest project Ocean Angel. It has 100 acres land with both Residential and Commercial area. Project started at 12 km from zero point and closer distance from the sea beach. This place is gong to be
a most important tourist spot in Bangladesh …

Ocean View

Ocean view is one of the largest projects of Ocean City Limited. This project included 15000 decimal area of land with both Residential and Commercial plots along with 190 ft. front side highway, 80 ft. inside road and 700 ft. wide road from this project to sea beach. Project started at 1.74 km from zero …

Ocean Pearl Ltd.

About Ocean Pearl Ltd.

Bangladesh as a vacation land has flamboyant many facets. Her tourist attractions include archaeological sites, historic mosques and monuments, resorts, beaches, picnic spots, forest and wildlife. Bangladesh offers opportunities for angling, water-skiing, river cruising, hiking, rowing, surfing, yachting and sea bathing as well as bringing one in close touch with Mother Nature. She is also rich in wildlife and game birds.

Bangladesh is situated in the north-eastern part of south Asia. It lies between 20′34 and 2e36′ north latitude and 88′ I’ and 92′ 41 east longitude. The
heary and great Himalayas stand as the northern ramparts, while the southern frontier is guarded by the Bay of Bengal. On the west lies the expansive gagetic plains (West Bengal) of India and on the eastern frontier lies the almost impassable forest of Mayanmar (Arakan Province) and India (Tripura and Assam hills). These picturesque geographical boundaries delineate out a low lying plain of about 147,570 sq.km. (55,598 sq. miles ) criss -crossed by innumerable brooks, river, rivulets and streams. Mighty rivers the Padma, Jamuna, Meghna, Karnaphuli and others flow through Bangladesh. The Unscalable blue is stretched high above, and the green and silvery landscape below runs far and beyond. This is Bangladesh, a fertile land where nature is bounteous.

Though tourism in Bangladesh is slowly developing foreign currency earner but yearly growth rate changes were significant in last 15 years. The country has much to attract international and domestic tourists.

If there are few reputed organization those who are delegated themselves for exposing our tourism industries among them Ocean Group is one of prominent, where key role player is its Group Managing Director Mr. Kh. Ali Azam. Being the president of tourism forum he thought that it became his moral obligation to participate and contribute in the development of our tourism industries. Though the field has huge scope and sector is vast it is not possible to contribute in all over the sector. The ocean Group is more and less contributing their highest level possible. By keeping in mind about the changes of foreign currency earning rate from tourism sector Ocean Group is continue giving their effort to contribute in national economy. That is why they do such practice in different angle by their different concern. Among them one is Ocean Pearl.

Day by day foreign and local arrivals are increasing in different travel locations and keeping this in mind Ocean Pearl as sister concern of Ocean Group is running trough a lucrative investment plan as participating in tourism industry development in southern and western part of the country. Company has already accrued land in sea beach area of Cox’s Bazar and Kuakata. They are planning to build there studio apartments in kuakata and five star hotel in Cox’s Bazar. Details of the project will be published and a grand inaugural program will be announce with Details of the project will be published and a grand inaugural program will be announce with very short period.